What I’ve learned from this guy…

Listen, you…
  1. The best accompaniment with wine is cheese. ALWAYS. More importantly, double cream Brie is a winner on two fronts: because it’s extra fat and it smells like dirty socks. (The stinkier the cheese, the tastier.) When we don’t have cheese? The only acceptable substitute is homemade bread that’s still steaming from the oven.
  2. Bounce towards people with the same energy as Tigger whenever you greet them. One of two things will happen: a) They’ll laugh when you knock them over. b) You’ll laugh when you knock them over. Quietly of course, because puppies can’t laugh. But they can smile.
  3. Go for walks either on city sidewalks or on snow-covered nature trails. Breathe. Stare at the cascading waterfall or dribbling stream. Stick your face in the snow.   Feel, smell, and touch everything. I promise you—you’ll love it.
  4. Don’t swear. It upsets everyone, even when you mutter it under your breath. It doesn’t take long for everyone to know that you’re having a bad day. And it doesn’t matter how you say the word because just by saying the word, we know you’re upset.
  5. Smell the snow bank. Or the flowers. Or the puddle. Whatever. Inhale.
  6. Sit around and look cute. Smile at people and make eye contact. People will come over and talk to you. Of course, it helps to have soft fur and be handsome. But what it really comes down to is the smile.
  7. Sleep. SLEEP MOMMY.
  8. Take time to notice if someone is sad or having a bad day.
  9. Be compassionate when people are in pain whether that is physical pain or emotional pain. Offer them your hand. Or your paw. Everyone needs to feel connected and know that they matter.
  10. No matter what happens, no matter how much it hurts, when you lose someone or something, you must always open your front door and take a step forward. You never know if you’ll bump into an old friend, or meet a new friend. Or, what great things will happen to you next. Adventure awaits you—even when it hurts to move.

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